cktrl interview: Composing an immersive soundscape for I ♥ Campbell

The south London musician on how he composed an atmospheric accompaniment for Addy’s immersive exhibition at 180 Studios.

cktrl is multi-instrumentalist and producer Bradley Miller, whose blend of electronics, saxophone, strings and vocals combine with elements of jazz, R&B and ambient music in a deeply personal style. His latest project was to create a soundscape for ICampbell, the new exhibition focusing on Miller’s friend and collaborator, London photographer Campbell Addy, who shot the cover for cktrl’s Zero EP.

“The exhibition is called ICampbell so I centred it around different feelings of love and not necessarily the usual narratives that we put around it,” Miller tells Fact. “So sometimes it’s the relationship of love with yourself, with others, also with your emotions and where you are at certain points. You love yourself differently depending on what mood you’re in.”

In this interview, Miller discusses how he approached creating the soundscape for ICampbell, which was designed as an immersive experience alongside set designer Ibby Njoya, who curated the exhibition’s spatial design. ICampbell features 36 original pieces including photography, paintings and a new film shot on location in Ghana.

I ❤ Campbell runs until 4 June, 2023. Tickets are available now from the 180 The Strand website.

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