070 Shake On Living A Minimalistic Life: ‘Bro, Why The F*ck Do I Need A Billion Dollars?’

Earlier this month, 070 Shake dropped her much-anticipated album, You Can’t Kill Me. She recorded a portion of the album in Arizona over the course of six months, which she felt was a nice break from LA. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Shake detailed the process of making the album and distancing herself from social media.

When making this record, Shake kept the music in mind, as opposed to the sales and streaming numbers.

“I’m fine living how I live,” she said, “being minimal, not living above my means… I come from a place where I didn’t even know that Hollywood was a real place. I’m very grateful, and I don’t need too much. I want exactly what I need. With that, I’ma always be good. I’ll never fail.”

Additionally, Shake shared a story from tour that further reinforced her minimalistic principles.

“I just went to Brazil [for the South American leg of the tour] and gave a kid $100 and he threw everything he was selling that day, hugged his dad, and they jumped around,” Shake said. “We were watching them, literally crying, like, ‘Bro, why the f*ck do I need a billion dollars?’ That shit is crazy. I would never want a billion dollars to myself. Never. If I got a billion dollars, I’m not doing enough. I’m not giving enough in my life.”

You Can’t Kill Me is out now via Def Jam. Stream it here.