22RE Crafts a Modern Oasis for Malbon Golf in Miami


The Los Angeles design studio 22RE has recently wrapped up a striking retail space for Malbon Golf in Miami. Esteemed for their versatile design approach, the studio has brought an artisanal flair to the fore with a distinctive spread of handcrafted Mexican tiles that form a visual anchor in the store’s layout.

Echoing the textures of Miami’s unique coral stone, the design incorporates square archways and custom Stucco walls, enveloped in a palette that draws from the tranquility of natural landscapes. This calm is thoughtfully juxtaposed with industrial elements such as sleek stainless steel accents and an open aluminum grid ceiling, lending the space a contemporary edge.

As 22RE prepares for a year of significant projects, this newly completed Miami store stands as a showcase of their innovative approach to commercial design, promising a captivating shopping experience for all who visit.

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