42 Dugg And EST Gee Introduce A Rowdy Crew In Their ‘Whole Gang Buss’ Video

Although 42 Dugg and EST Gee’s Last Ones Left is billed as a joint album between the two CMG signees, it naturally has a few tracks that spotlight each of its contributors individually. However, they’re not just here to be solo stars; they also want to put on their respective crews. That’s just what Dugg does on his solo track, “Whole Gang Buss,” which introduces his Detroit associates for a punchline-filled, swaggering posse cut. Dugg is joined by 42 Cheez, Reaper, and Tae Money who all spit ferocious verses before he brings the track home on the anchor leg.

This can only bode well for EST Gee’s own spotlight track, “Free Zoski,” which features Memphis’ own Big30 and fellow Louisvillian EST Zo. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the next video to get a release, since it’s also the song immediately following “Whole Gang Buss” on the Last Ones Left tracklist.

And it’s not like the group lacks the video budget. Since the album dropped, the duo has released no fewer than three videos, not including “Whole Gang Buss,” in addition to showing off their chemistry in videos from their respective solo albums. In March, they released a clip for “Free The Shiners,” following up a week later with “Everybody Shooters Too,” then opening the month of April with “Thump Sh*t.” If they remain as prolific through the rest of the year, CMG’s roster could effect a complete takeover of the rap industry with very little trouble.

Watch the “Whole Gang Buss” video above.