50 Cent Doesn’t Identify as a Person, Wants to be Called a Thing

50 Cent doesn’t identify as a person and wants to be referred to as a thing.

50 Cent Says He No Longer Identifies as a Person, Wants to Be Called a Thing

On Monday (Nov. 13), 50 Cent hopped onto his infamous Instagram page with a celebratory series of photos following the first of a two-show run in Birmingham, England on his Final Lap Tour. It appears as though the concert went so well that 50 doesn’t even feel the need to consider himself a person any longer judging by the IG post’s caption.

“Please refer to me as the thing 50cent,” Fif writes alongside the concert images below. “I do not identify as a person anymore I’m a thing. Thank you in advance.”

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50 Cent Doubles Down by Declaring His Pronoun Is Thing and It

After his very interesting and somewhat head-scratching proclamation made its rounds across social media, 50 Cent returned to Instagram on Wednesday (Nov. 15) to double down on the notion. He even went so far as to declare a new set of pronouns for himself in another caption that was accompanied by a comical elaboration on his inhumane status.

“Yes I identify as thing, my pronoun is THING/ IT,” 50 wrote. “Please refer to me as the thing 50cent,or you can say that thing 50cent is the s**t!”

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See 50 Cent explain that he wants to be referred to as a thing below.

See 50 Cent Explain That He Doesn’t Identify as a Person and Wants to Be Referred to as a Thing

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