6ix9ine’s release date from federal prison has been officially set

6ix9ine is finally nearing the ending his prison term after snitching on his whole crew. 6ix9ine was predicted to be released July 2020 but it turns out he’ll have to wait a few extra days. According to the Bureau Prisons Inmate Locator, Daniel Hernandez will be released on Aug. 2, 2020. 6ix9ine was orginally facing 47 years for his charges but after cooperating with the courts he got a reduced sentence. Tekashi 69 took down the entire Nine Trey Bloods to get his sentenced reduced after being sentenced back in December 2019. He also already had 13 months under his belt while waiting to be sentenced. Will 6ix9ine’s release be accepted in the hip hop community and will artists collaborate with him?