A Billie Eilish Fan Is Demanding The Singer’s Freedom By Climbing To The Top Of A TV Studio Tower In Hollywood


Billie Eilish has some of the most dedicated fans. Despite the “Never Felt So Alone” singer at one point considering herself quite ‘scary‘ in her early life, supporters can’t get enough of the musician. However, one fan is taking their Swarm-like obsession to the next level.

Just moments ago, a man demanding the entertainer’s freedom laced up his shoes to climb to the top of a television tower in Hollywood, California. After scaling the side of the KTLA tower, which stands at a whopping 162 feet off the ground, the super fan flew a “Free Billie Eilish” sign while toting an electric guitar.

According to ABC7, initial reports of this gentleman’s risky endeavors were brought to light earlier this afternoon after being spotted on Sunset Boulevard and Bronson Avenue near Van Ness Avenue. Eventually, authorities arrived first, blocking off the main access points. Then to plead with the man to come down to safety.

It is unclear precisely what the man is implying with his “Free Billie Eilish” sign considering the musician was recently stopped at Coachella all smiles on stage with friend and collaborator Labrinth. However, there seems to be another message on the back of his sign, which is not visible.

Currently, on social media, the hashtag Free Billie Eilish is trending. The entertainer has not yet addressed the claims. But she did upload clips of her upcoming appearance on The Late Late Show to her Instagram Stories just under an hour ago.