A Dakota Johnson Gift Inspired Chris Martin To Make Coldplay Concerts More Accessible For Hard Of Hearing Fans


Coldplay‘s music has long been a source of joy for millions of fans, and now, they are reaching out to even more fans. With several universal hits — like “Yellow,” “Clocks,” and “Fix You” — in their arsenal, fans from all walks of life gather in droves for their concerts. In a recent interview with Conan O’Brien on his Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend podcast Coldplay lead vocalist Chris Martin revealed that his girlfriend, actress Dakota Johnson, pointed him in the direction of special technology that allows lovers of music to enjoy live performances more.

“They are called SubPacs,” said Martin. “my partner, gave me one as a gift because she saw someone online experiencing whatever they are experiencing with this—it’s kind of like body armor—you put it on and plug it in and it connects to the base.”

Johnson suggested that Martin begin utilizing the technology at Coldplay concerts after meeting a woman in the hearing-impaired community who used the technology.

“So, we started using it and it’s been so amazing and it should get better and better,” Chris continued. “We have ten or twenty now—every night—of those packs and so if you’re hearing impaired we have an area where you sign up and you put on the pack and you can feel the show.”

Martin admitted that while the technology is expensive, it’s worth it, as it makes the fan experience more enjoyable and accessible for everyone.

“…they are amazing and the things that people do to consider other people are just wonderful.”

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You can watch a clip from the interview above.