A Fashion Rental Company Is Suing Kanye West For $400K

Kanye West, who wants to make it abundantly clear that he makes $8 million per performance (not a paltry $1 million), is being sued by a high-end fashion rental company for $400,000.

The lawsuit has been filed by the David Casavant Archive, a New York City based company/stylist. Along with West, the company has photos of prominent clients like Solange, Kendrick Lamar, Solange, 21 Savage, Pharrell, and Kim Kardashian on their website. According to the lawsuit acquired by the celebrity sleuths over at TMZ, Kanye rented 49 pieces of clothing in early 2020 and returned 36 of them shortly thereafter. He’s been hanging on to the remaining 13 ever since, (without paying the weekly rental fees) which include pieces from designers like Helmut Lang, Raf Simons and Ann Demeulemeester.

Among the items in question, there is a $50,000 parka. David Casavant Archive is looking to recoup $221,000 for more than two years of unpaid rental fees, as well as the overall $195,000 value of the items. Kanye is no stranger to lawsuits, and in fact just last week, he was sued over a sample on “Flowers” from Donda 2. And look, I’m no math major, but that $401,000 (to be exact) that the fashion rental company is seeking, is merely 5% of what Ye would make for a single performance. So if he indeed still has these items, forking over the dough and keeping the swag might just make things easier for everybody, eh?