A Supposed Receipt From The VIP Bar At EDC Las Vegas Shows An Astronomical $323K Tab

In recent years, Las Vegas has become a mecca of sorts for music festivals. In 2022, fests from the all-encompassing Life Is Beautiful, to the nostalgia of When We Were Young to even the music and skateboarding mish-mash of Tony Hawk’s Weekend Jam, are all going down in Vegas. But perhaps the most significant one of them all — the largest electronic music festival in North America, mind you — is EDC Las Vegas (the flagship Electric Daisy Carnival event), which just went down last weekend. The three-day bash is the pinnacle of dance music, pyrotechnics, LED lights, and obviously, lavish Vegas spending too. Now a supposed photo of a bar tab receipt from the VIP bottle service area at EDC shows precisely just how insane the spending culture can be in Sin City.

A photo has been making the rounds showing an alleged receipt from the “EDC-LV – Kinetic Field” area of the festival, that totals well over $300K after tip. Most of the tab is comprised of multiple bottles of “Ace of Spades,” which refers to Armand de Brignac champagne. The bottle price for a 3 liter of the Brut is $25,000 and the party ordered four of those. There are also four 1.5 liter bottles ordered at $7,500 a pop. Water and Red Bull buckets come in at a meager $75 each, while there were also two 1.75 liter bottles of Absolut Elyx Single Estate Vodka (lol at vodka from a “single estate”) for $1,650 each, and more. There’s a 9% admin fee of more than $20K, cause why not? Meanwhile, the server, “Domaneque,” got more than $46K via a 20% service charge.

The best part about this though, is from a different photo of an alleged receipt that surfaced, showing a comparatively paltry $167,764.50 total tab after service and admin. The thing is, it looks like the minimum charge is $120,000 and the subtotal was $119,970. So of course, the Vegas bar added a $30 “Unmet Minimum” charge. What a time to be alive and what a whirlwind these trips to the bar must’ve been. Say what you will about all parties involved, but the real winner here? It’s Domaneque, who served both tables and cleared $70,000 in tips. Heck yeah Domaneque!

You can check out the receipts in the posts above.