A Video Of Eminem Greeting Bobby Shmurda At A Show Has People Excited About What It Could Mean

On Friday, Eminem and Snoop Dogg released their new single, “From The D To The LBC,” with a partially-animated video that shows them turning into Bored Ape NFTs. So it’s only fitting that they performed the song together at this past week’s NFT-centric ApeFest 2022 in New York City. But a video of Eminem walking off the stage after the performance has people talking, and it’s not about NFTs.

As Em walks off, he greets a few people that were watching the set from the side of the stage. Cordae was among them, who gets a big hug when Slim Shady notices him and they exchange brief words. Then just as Em is about to keep walking, Bobby Shmurda, who was standing with Cordae, grabs Eminem’s attention shouting, “Big homie!” and the two dap up and have a quick hug as Em walks off and Shmurda sports a huge smile.

Given that Eminem and Cordae previously collaborated on remixes of “Killer” and “Parables (Remix),” people are speculating on Twitter as to whether this means that Em and Shmurda could have a track on deck? “Listen… an Eminem and Bobby Shmurda collab. I’d invest,” one person said. “Ain’t no way I just watched a video of Bobby Shmurda dapping up Eminem,” another added.

Meanwhile, other folks are laughing at the fact that Eminem nearly walked past Shmurda, saying things like, “Eminem Straight up did not know that was Bobby Shmurda standing next to Cordae last night Backstage at ApeFest2022.”

Regardless, the sheer happiness on Bobby Shmurda’s face (a dude who just spent almost seven years in jail and is back on the grind) at having a moment with Eminem, is something anyone with half a heart can get behind.

Cordae is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.