All Of Doja Cat’s Outfits And Looks From Paris Fashion Week

If there’s one thing Doja Cat‘s good at, it’s turning heads, whether that’s through controversial TikToks or shaving off her hair and her eyebrows. More recently, she’s getting attention by getting dolled up in interesting ways for Paris Fashion Week.

Not only were the musician’s Paris Fashion Week outfits extravagant, but the makeup was striking, too. One of her most attention-demanding looks included golden paint over her entire body, including her face, which proved divisive. Some were fans of it, saying it gave her a glow; others thought it was way too much and unnecessary. Either way, it got people talking and snapping pictures.

Another look featured a split nose, split lips, and some bruises. A TikToker explained that Doja specifically requested this look as a way to express that Fashion Week is “kicking her ass.”


Have you seen @dojacat’s looks during Paris Fashion Week? For me, this one, from the @balenciaga is full of humour and drama. The makeup artist behind these amazing looks is @sophiasinot – NOT Sophie; my bad. Let me know what you thought when you first saw this look? #balenciaga #dojacat #parisfashionweek #fyp #beautybreakdown #halloweenmakeup #beautypodcast

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Yet another polarizing look is one that included bright white face makeup that almost looks Joker-like. To go with it, she had black gloves painted onto her hands and reaching all the way up her arms. They’re painted so dark that it’s hard to even notice that it’s not real unless someone points it out. But Doja’s looks have been full of weird optical illusions like that.


Doja Cat in Paris for Paris Fashion Week #dojacat #foryou #EndlessJourney *no nudity*

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