All The Details About DVSN’s Upcoming Album, ‘Working On My Karma’

DVSN will close out the month of October with their fourth studio album, Working On My Karma. The album will feature their single, “If I Get Caught,” an anthem that listeners have described as “toxic.”

In a recent interview with Complex, DVSN said that the album will cover a wide range of emotions, leading to a journey of growth.

“Pride comes before the fall,” said Daniel Daley, one-half of DVSN. “And [then there’s] accountability and remorse, growth, reflection, and taking a long, good, hard look in the mirror, you know? Maybe it’s even getting lost for a second and trying to medicate it through some other things that aren’t good. Maybe I’m going out and I’m trying to just have sex through the fact that I already screwed up. All the different areas this stuff can take you, we’re trying to make a point of covering how that goes on this album. We want this to be at least the beginning of the growth, if things are needed to grow.

So far, DVSN has released the singles “If I Get Caught,” “Don’t Take Your Love,” and the Jagged Edge-assisted “What’s Up.” In another interview with RatedRnB, the band and the album’s collaborators refuted the label of “toxic” and said they aim to portray all the parts of a relationship honestly, including the messy parts.

“We wanted to do something that would delve deeper into the ups and downs of being an artist in a relationship — and what men go through in relationships in general,” said producer Bryan Michael-Cox “There’s the part where you get your ego broken. There’s a part where you fall in love. There’s all these different elements.”

Working On My Karma is out 10/28 via OVO Sound and Warner Records. Pre-save it here.

DVSN is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.