Allcapskiel Unveils His Journey Through Life’s Hustles In Speed Demon 

Emerging hip-hop force, Allcapskiel’s debut album, Speed Demon, immerses listeners in the artist’s personal journey, offering an intimate glimpse into his world. With unwavering transparency, the rapper fearlessly shares his experiences and delves into the profound theme of life’s relentless challenges and unforeseen obstacles.

“Life is full of ups and downs and when I was putting this album together I was on a down swing. I took a look at my life and relationships with people and objects and realized that I move too fast and love too hard to my own detriment most of the time, “ admits the artist.

Speaking of his process for this epic release, Allcapskiel says: “When I’m making music I wouldn’t say that I employ techniques as that sounds very technical and mathy to me. Anything I make I truly feel as I am making it, and I want the listener to join in on that experience.”

Allcapskiel further explains: “For instance, there are songs like ‘No Mercy’ in which the first words are ‘Grind like me I’m Diligent.’ I personally cannot respect people that get bad results by taking the easy route and then acting confused and rinse and repeat. Also, there is ‘Secrets to the Grave’ in which I’m stating that you really can’t trust anyone in this life to truly look out for your best interests as it pertains to you, NOT them.”

He also reveals: “I always try to find different/unique flows and words when I’m making music and that stayed true for Speed Demon. Instrumentals like ‘End of the Night’ and ‘LOL’ are a couple beats I made that sound different from the rest of the album. ‘Pick Up’ is the only Calypso type song but once again, when I’m making music I am feeling it. I believe that music is not internally produced. I believe every song is already made, it just needs to be accessed.”

In addition to working on impactful releases like Speed Demon, Allcapskiel strives to make a meaningful contribution to vital conversations within the industry. He fearlessly confronts the issue of inadequate support among Black artists and seeks to inspire transformative change through the power of his lyrics. 

Listen to Speed Demon below: