Amnesia Scanner soundtrack the ultimate spiral with 'AS Going'

Taken from their forthcoming second album, Tearless.

Just in time for a new global catastrophe on an unprecedented scale, Amnesia Scanner, the iconoclastic production duo of Ville Haimala and Martti Kalliala, are back with their second album.

Fittingly, the Berlin-based duo describe Tearless as “a breakup album with the planet”. The album was made in response to pre-Covid-19 environmental pressures, specifically in the producers’ home country of Finland, but arrives in the midst of a new worldwide crisis the tensions of which speak to the record’s chaotic subject matter.

‘AS Going’, which features vocals from Brazilian DJ and producer LYZZA, articulates the anxiety of sudden radical change and the harsh realities of the ‘new normal’. The track is accompanied by a feverish visual depicting the ultimate spiral, existential and otherwise, and follows last year’s ‘AS Acá’, which featured guest vocals from Lalita.

Tearless arrives on June 5 PAN and is available to pre-order now. Check out the album artwork and tracklist below.

Amnesia Scanner soundtrack the ultimate spiral with 'AS Going'


01. ‘AS Enter’
02. ‘AS Tearless’ (feat. Lalita)
03. ‘AS Flat’ (feat. Code Orange)
04. ‘AS Trouble’
05. ‘AS Acá’ (feat. Lalita)
06. ‘Call Of The Center’ (interlude)
07. ‘AS Too Late’
08. ‘AS Going’ (feat. LYZZA)
09. ‘AS Labyrinth’
10. ‘AS U Will Be Fine’

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