Anderson Paak Debuted A New Song, ‘Yours To Take,’ In A Budweiser Ad

Anderson Paak is coming off a really big year due to his collaboration with Bruno Mars as Silk Sonic. The duo embraced throwback R&B, soul, and funk vibes with such full throated joy, that they even picked up the Grammy for Record Of The Year at this year’s ceremony, honored for the project’s kickoff single “Leave The Door Open.” Since the track also picked up Song Of The Year, you can imagine that Anderson is riding on cloud nine energy at the moment, and knows it’s the perfect time to strike while the iron is hot and release some new music of his own.

And what better way to cut through the noise of constant releases than by skipping a step and heading straight to the advertising world? Paak partnered with Budweiser to debut his latest track, “Yours To Take,” by featuring it in an ad for the beer company. In the clip, which runs just over ninety seconds, a bunch of different artists and creatives are featured doing their thing — including a female drummer, which is cool, and a nice nod to Paak’s on tenure behind the kit — before eventually gathering at clubs and different events. And what do they drink there? You guessed it — the king of beers. It’s not a terribly heavy-handed commercial though, as those goes, and the song sounds very much in line with classic Paak. Check it out up top.