Apollo Kids

There tend to be two problems with live TV Rap performances on Showtime At The Apollo: the first is too-cool-for-skool New York crowd’s lifeless reactions to barnstorming performances from the likes of Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince and Run-D.M.C; the second is too-cool-for-skool New York crown holders like Rakim and Slick Rick rhyming over their own vocal tracks and rendering their performances as glorified karaoke sessions.

So we should be thankful for the Showtime At The Apollo performances where the rappers and the audiences are in total synergy as their lose their collective shit together. Best example has gotta be the post-Biggie 1997 Bad Boy roster’s medley of It’s All About The Benjamins and Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems which could only be improved if Lil’ Kim and Biggie’s ghost joined them onstage to perform their respective verses. Peep the dearly departed Black Rob playing his position on baseball bat swinging hypeman duty.

Bonus beatbox at The Apollo: Doug E. Fresh living up to his title of The World’s Greatest Entertainer™ by killin’ it from his seat in the audience with a medley of La Di Da Di, The Show and Bel Biv DeVoe’s Poison featuring BBD and Tony Rock. A performance so good even the musical input of a backing band couldn’t ruin it.

I’m reliably informed this clip comes from Jamie Foxx”s 2012 Showtime At The Apollo remake Apollo Live. Personally, I’d argue that this clip was Foxx’s 2nd best contribution to last decade after his role of Bats in Baby Driver.