Apparently, Brandy Dislikes Ray J’s Odd Tattoo Of Her, Too

Siblings Brandy and Ray J have both been in news a whole bunch lately, a phenomenon that can oddly enough be traced back to fans on Twitter just learning that they are siblings last year. Earlier this year, that debate was revived and focused on Jack Harlow when he revealed his own ignorance of this fact, and since then, we’ve all been talking about Brandy and Ray J — albeit for different reasons.

While Brandy’s musical popularity is surging — in part, thanks to her rap response to Harlow’s comments, which later turned into a shared performance at the BET Awards — Ray J has gotten more attention due to his decision to get his sister tattooed on his leg. And while that normally might not be newsworthy by itself, it’s the tattoo’s rendering that has drawn fans’ scrutiny — and their criticism. The tattoo, inked by New York artist Mashkow, adds some graffiti-style tattoos to Brandy’s face, which bears a stoned, expression and bloodshot eyes.

As it turns out, Brandy isn’t feeling the tattoo much either. TMZ photographers caught up with Ray J at LAX, where he admitted, “She was a little uneasy about it.” He defended his odd ink, saying, “I love my sister,” but was forced to reiterate: “She didn’t like the tattoo, either.” Check out the interview below.