Armani White Shares A Playful Teaser For His Debut EP ‘Road To Casablanco’

Armani White shot straight to stardom with his massive TikTok hit “Billie Eilish.” Since the release of that viral track, he’s collaborated with Denzel Curry for the song “Goated,” as well as performed it on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. It looks like the rapper is keeping up the momentum.

On Wednesday, April 26, White took to Twitter to share a teaser clip for his forthcoming EP. “ROAD TO CASABLANCO,” he wrote, “MAY 5th.” In a silly video, he writes in a journal while his internal monologue plays aloud. “Lil Mani finally bought a crib,” he says as it begins. The video ends with him saying, “Welcome to Casablanco.” The first single is “Silver Tooth,” which was released on Friday, April 21.

In Uproxx‘s 2022 interview with White, he talked about his unexpected rise to fame. “It’s cool because I’m one of the last shining stars from the Batcave era. Back then, I was just the weird kid,” he said. “Everybody was making songs about shooting each other, and I was making boom bap. It built a lot of character because I had to be the one person to champion my songs when I was in a building where everybody was like, ‘Alright, that’s kinda weird.’”

Road To Casablanco is out 5/5. Find more information here.