ASAP Rocky’s Not-So-ASAP Arrival At A Show Forced The Crowd To Leave Early

Roses are red, violets are blue, and rappers showing up late to shows should not surprise you. ASAP Rocky was booked to perform in Manchester, U.K. on Wednesday (June 22) as part of his five-show opening set for Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Global Tour. However, the “Fashion Killa” arrived so late to the show that the bookers had to pivot and rearrange the lineup to where he would perform after the expected headliner. While this may have been a welcome change in some areas of his home turf, the United States, the attendees were incensed and left the Emirates Old Trafford venue early.

ASAP Rocky did end up performing, but by the time he did the damage was already done. Several upset Red Hot Chili Peppers fans took their frustrations to Twitter and, admittedly, some got pretty clever or flat-out humorous with their complaints.

While this may be an unfortunate blunder, Rocky has had quite a year for himself. The “Goldie” rapper is enjoying life alongside his girlfriend Rihanna, who is set to give birth to their first child in two months. On the music side of things, he recently released “D.M.B,” and joined ASAP Ant and Snot for collaborations the months prior.

Check out the video of fans leaving the Manchester show early above.