Bentley Home Introduces First Home Office Furniture at Milan Design Week


Bentley Home has introduced its first home office furniture and unveiled a new collection celebrating over a decade of luxury furniture design at Milan Design Week 2024. The collection, showcased in the historic Palazzo Chiesa, includes six new pieces that embody lightness and contemporary luxury.

This year marks Bentley Home’s first venture into home office furniture, featuring the Wilton desk designed by Francesco Forcellini. Notable elements of the desk include its dynamic form and curved details, offering a sense of lightness and an innovative dual-shell profile. It features integrated drawers and is available in bespoke finishes like Liquid Amber and Warm Grey Fiddleback Sycamore.

The collection also includes the Bollington office armchair, which complements the Wilton desk with its minimalist and organic design, capturing the essence of Bentley‘s elegance.

In collaboration with Federico Peri, the new Loftus sofa introduces a modular concept with floating cushions and integrated marble or leather side tables, showcasing a blend of geometric lines and organic shapes. This piece, alongside the Wilton desk and Bollington armchair, highlights the collection’s focus on innovation and sustainability.

Carlo Colombo contributed to the collection with the Chilton seating line and the Langport bed, each piece reflecting Bentley’s iconic design elements. The Chilton armchair and chair feature sinuous curves and a dynamic exterior with bands of veneer. The Langport bed offers a sophisticated design with customizable panels and integrated ambient reading lights.

Chris Cooke, Head of Bentley Design Collaborations, emphasized the collection’s dedication to customization and the fusion of traditional craftsmanship with modern design, stating, “The new collection for 2024 is characterized by dynamism and a lightness of touch. It is a meeting of design minds — all of whom share a commitment to translating and elevating Bentley’s distinctive design DNA into contemporary furniture.”

The Bentley Home Atelier also featured a multisensory installation inspired by the southern Italian region of Salento, showcasing sustainable materials and the artistry of collaboration with local craft traditions, embodying Bentley’s vision of modern luxury and environmental responsibility.

Bentley Home Atelier
Palazzo Chiesa, Corso Venezia, n. 36,
20122 Milano, Italy

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