Benzz or Beaker

Benzz – Je M’appelle
(From Je M’appelle single; 2022)

Hit up my m8’s bar this past weekend and the DJ was playing big U.K Drill choonz. The younger patrons loved that shit, but it’s the driest music in the world to me, especially when you hear multiple songs with THAT annoying flow in a row. So when the DJ played Benzz’s Je M’appelle it was like finding a Strawberry Split in the Sahara desert.
As with HAZEY’s Packs and Potions, U.K Drill only makes sense to me when it breaks free from THAT annoying flow over beats which sound like they were produced by Donae’O. Okay, it’s a Destination Calibria sample, but it sounds like Donae’O made a riddim with it dunnit?

One of the main things U.K Drill and New York Drill have in common is that they’re both best when they embrace the fact that they’re glorified novelty Rap. That’s why WAKA and Beeper are the best N.Y Drill choonz no competition.