Beyonce Shares The Regal, Near-Nude ‘Renaissance’ Cover

Even though Beyonce has announced her comeback album, Renaissance, and released its house-influenced first single “Break My Soul,” there were probably at least a few fans who still thought she might be trolling. But no, it’s definitely real. Beyonce herself shared the latest evidence via her little-used social media profiles, dropping the striking cover for the album, which features a near-nude Beyonce sitting astride a crystalline horse glowing with electricity.

The rollout for Renaissance has been a roller coaster of emotions for members of the Beyhive, who got their first inkling of a potential new project early this month when Beyonce wiped her social media. Then, when she updated her official site with a placeholder image for the album, fans wondered whether she was just plotting on another Ivy Park drop, refusing to fully invest lest she dash their hopes with a new collection of sweatpants or something.

But then, she actually announced the album — which appears to be a multi-parter heavy on both dance and country vibes — leading to excitement and relief as the long wait since Lemonade finally appears to be coming to an end. Meanwhile, “Break My Soul” has generated a wave of good vibes, drawing emotional responses from the song’s inspiration Robin S., sampled artist Big Freedia, and writer The-Dream.

It’s just too bad Azealia Banks isn’t too enthused about the mashups with her music the song has inspired. Aside from Banks’ sour grapes, though, the anticipation has been a lot of fun and July 29 can’t get here soon enough. Check out that art above.