Beyonce Thanked Syd In A Note ‘For Contributing So Much To The Film’ And Fans Are Itching For More Details

Beyonce is classy in many ways, including the fact that she often sends thank-you notes to epople. In August, Madonna posted the one she received from the Renaissance performer: “Thank you, Queen. I’m so grateful for you. You have opened so many doors for so many women. You are masterpiece genius,” she wrote.

Syd, known for her role in the collective Odd Future, is the latest collaborator to share a note she received from the one and only Beyonce. However, this one has more people questioning the meaning. It reads: “Thank you for contributing so much to the film. I’m looking at the footage and you’re incredible. I’m forever grateful. B.”

Could it be true? A Renaissance film? It’s possible, considering the beloved Lemonade movie. “I’m grateful that this body of work has resonated so deeply with so many people,” Beyonce wrote on Instagram on the fifth anniversary of Lemonade last year, alongside images from the Lemonade movie. “I’m so thankful for all the beautiful souls involved in making one of my favorite pieces of art. As I celebrate five years of LEMONADE, I encourage everyone to continue healing, loving, forgiving and uplifting.” She added, “I hope you find joy today.”