Big Boi Shares His Love For Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’ In A Resurfaced Video

Things just keep getting better and better for Kate Bush. She recently earned the first top-ten song entry of her career with “Running Up That Hill.” On this past week’s chart, the song checked in at No. 8 which gave her the highest chart position of her career, a peak that was previously No. 30 for her. The song’s resurgence is due to it playing a big role in the recently released fourth season of Stranger Things. The song’s new success has also shined a light on those who previously shared their support for the record, one of them being Big Boi.

Back in 2018, Big Boi sat down with Pitchfork for their “VERSES” series and praised the song’s production as well as Bush’s vocals. “I loved the production first and foremost because it set a tone, and then the way she was singing the songs, her voice was just angelic. I hadn’t heard anybody do it like,” he said. “It was just so weird, the sounds and what she was talking about, it was just kind of crazy, and then it was like, you know she produced all this stuff too’ so I was like, ‘Oh man!’”

Big Boi continued, “I always thought of her like the Phantom of the Opera. She’s somewhere living big castle with a piano that was ten times the size of a regular piano, playing it all day, with sheer curtains blowing in the window all, like Rapunzel but on the top of a hill somewhere in a castle, desolate, playing a piano and wailing. I thought it was cool.” He added:

For one, it was good to pedal too. It made you go fast. When the drums came on it was like a workout song. I had to ride like 20 or 30 blocks to school. So, I would just listen to it and ride, it was adventurous. The hook comes in and it makes you pedal faster. By the time I got to school, I probably sweating like I just got out of P.E. class.

You can watch the full “VERSES” episode with Big Boi in the video above.