Bishop Nehru Appears To Try Heroin In A Recent Music Video And People Were Quite Confused

Brooklyn rapper Bishop Nehru rose to fame in the mid 2010s thanks to his throwback sound that caught the ear of many, even the late MF DOOM. That connection eventually led to the release of Nehru’s 2018 project Elevators (Act I & II) which featured production from DOOM and Kaytranda as well. Elevators (Act I & II) was the follow-up to his 2017 project Emperor Nehru’s New Groove, both of which helped to boost his stock amongst the young rappers he was aligned with at the time. Fast forward to now, and Nehru is just a couple of weeks away from releasing a new project, but before doing so, he shared a music video that has some people talking.

On Tuesday, Nehru unveiled the video for his latest single “Heroin Addiction.” In it, the rapper appears to try his hand at heroin, which is of course a highly addictive drug. “I tried Heroin in the new video [sad emoiji],” he wrote in a post about the video on Twitter. Despite seemingly going through the process of injecting heroin into his arm, it was clear that the rapper did not actually do it despite his post-injection reaction of throwing up and seemingly dozing off due to the effects of the drug.

Regardless the video still made its way around social media and many were quick to share their thoughts about it on Twitter. Nehru’s “Heroin Addiction” video comes ahead of his upcoming project which is set to arrive on May 27th.

You can watch the video for “Heroin Addiction” above and read some responses to it below.