Blackbear Is On The Search For Suspect Machine Gun Kelly In Their New ‘GFY’ Video

Blackbear and Machine Gun Kelly have three words for their exes — “go f*ck yourself.” That’s what Blackbear says in the chorus of their new collaboration, cryptically titled “GFY.” Rife with rock-influenced guitars and drums, “GFY” features Blackbear kissing off an ex as she tried “to f*ck all [his] friends.”

On the bridge of the Travis Barker-produced track, Kelly pleads to be taken “out this episode of Euphoria,” and “back to the Waldorf-Astoria,” ready to enjoy a debauched night after leaving a toxic relationship. The song precedes Blackbear’s upcoming sixth studio album, In Loving Memory, which is planned for release this summer.

“Although ‘GFY’ is the first single from the album, fans will soon see it’s actually a fun intermission in an otherwise vulnerable project,” said Blackbear in a statement. “Also, I just like making music with my friends.”

In the song’s music video, directed by Blackbear himself, along with John Tashiro and Tyler Serebreni, Blackbear plays a suburban dad who becomes invested in a murder investigation. At the center of the investigation is none other than Kelly. Fans may see some familiar faces making cameos in the video, including Mike Posner as a cop, Benny Blanco as a TV anchor, plus Aisha Mian, and August Maturo.

Check out “GFY” above.