Blueface Accuses Chrisean Rock of Having Sex With Offset

Blueface went on a social media rant and accused Chrisean Rock of having sex with Offset.

Blueface Accuses Chrisean Rock of Sleeping With Offset

On Sunday (Dec. 10), Blueface jumped on X, formerly known as Twitter, and made an outrageous claim that Chrisean Rock had sex with Offset.

“FINALLY. Being tatted ona hoe is not a flex you literally f**ked cardi B husband couple weeks ago I’m tired of n***as looking at me while they f**king you get the rest of em gone asap please [prayer hands emoji],” Blue wrote in one post.

Chrisean caught wind of Blue’s tweet and responded with some wild accusations of her own.

“You over there trynna crack NLE Choppa Baby Moma she dubbed you[.] You got no rizz my boy [cry laughing emoji],” she wrote back.

Chrisean then accused Blueface of watching gay porn before denying that she slept with the Migos rapper. “U crashing just making s**t up,” she tweeted.

Blueface responded: “So you ain’t f**k card husband November 10th at 4am at the house in LA…I’m making this up?”

Offset must have gotten word that Blue and Chrisean were arguing over him and he quickly jumped into the fray and cleared the air.

“I ain’t never have talk or touch that lady. Real talk man you need some help!” he wrote in his post aimed at Blue.

Meanwhile, NLE Choppa responded to Chrisean’s allegations that Blue had relations with his baby mother.

“I was MIA like Chrisean tooth back letting loose like a N***a had to poot,” he typed in his post.

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Chrisean Rock Gets Blueface Neck Tattoo Covered With a Rose and Newborn Son’s Name

Blueface’s wild accusations come after Chrisean covered up her Blueface neck tattoo with a rose. In her Instagram video, which can be viewed below, C-Rock is seen lying back in a chair as the tattoo artist puts the finishing touches on a large rose tat that covers most of her neck. The tattoo artist then lays down a printed ink outline of Chrisean’s newborn son’s name, Chrisean Jesus Malone, Jr., on her chest.

In the end, Chrisean has a large rose tattoo on her neck with her son’s name underneath on her chest. In the caption, the reality star-turned-rapper announced that her new ink is the first step in disassociating herself from Blueface.

“I’m making my first step ton my new chapter [loudly crying emoji] @lakimii_tattoo I got 2-3 more sessions,” she wrote.

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Read Blueface and Chrisean Rock go back and forth on X accusing each other of sleeping around below.

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Blueface Accuses Chrisean Rock of Having Sex With Offset

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