Blueface and Lil Baby Agree About Chrisean Rock Parenting Skills

Blueface and Lil Baby have come to an agreement about people critiquing Chrisean Rock‘s parenting skills following a viral video that shows her not supporting her newborn baby’s head while in Walmart.

Blueface and Lil Baby Agree That People Should Be Empathetic Toward Chrisean Rock

On Friday (Sept. 22), Blueface hopped on X, formerly known as Twitter, to defend Chrisean Rock’s new experience with parenthood. In the tweet, which can be seen below, Blueface asked people to go easy on the mother of his newborn son. The 26-year-old rapper also took accountability for his previous actions and vowed to be kinder to the Baltimore artist.

“I know she going thru some an it’s not easy,” Blueface typed. “No hood harder then parent hood so I’m not gone be mean to her no more ’cause her mental state determines how my son day goes.”

He continued: “Let’s just encourage her to be more accountable an responsible this time around. Come on rock we got this I’m here.”

Hours later, Lil Baby went on X and posted a comment that he agreed with what Blue wrote about Chrisean. The tweet can be seen below.

“Real s**t !!” Lil Baby typed.

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Lil Baby and Blueface Throw Shows at Each Other on X

Lil Baby and Blueface’s newfound harmony comes on the heels of their shade toward each other on X. It all started when Blueface released his song “Baby Momma Drama,” where he takes shots at Baby.

“Lil Baby thought he knew me [laughs]/How you let another grown man feel up on your booty?” Blueface raps on the Scum Beatz and Flashy Assuno-produced track, which can be heard below. “Couldn’t be me, boy, I am not a hoochie/You n***as really industry, I am really in the streets/Squabble up, line it up/Still beefing with enemies.”

The Atlanta rhymer clapped back by pretending he didn’t know Blueface.

“Whooo?” the Quality Control rapper tweeted below. “Y’all stop playing,” he added.

Blueface seemingly responded to Lil Baby later that day.

“You know who,” he typed along with a purple face with horns emoji.

Blueface dissed Lil Baby after the 4PF artist put out a song snippet on which he appears to name-drop Blueface. In February, Blue expressed his disdain for Lil Baby after Chrisean Rock revealed Lil Baby complimented her when they met in person.

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Look at Blueface and Lil Baby’s tweets below.

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