Blueface’s Story of Jaidyn Alexis Seeing Him, Chrisean Having Sex

Blueface told a wild story about Jaidyn Alexis walking in on him having sex with Chrisean Rock in a new interview on The Jason Lee Show today.

Blueface Sits Down for Interview on The Jason Lee Show

On Wednesday (Oct. 18), Hollywood Unlocked‘s Jason Lee released the much-anticipated new interview with Blueface and his children’s mother and artist, Jaidyn Alexis. During the sit-down, they touched on a number of topics while chronicling their relationship, including Jaidyn walking in on Blueface and Chrisean Rock having sex and the fight that ensued.

According to Jaidyn, the incident occurred one day when she went to Blue’s house to set up items for her gender reveal party for their second child, which was set to take place the following day. Blueface and Jaidyn were separated at the time.

“She just came and it was a bad time,” Blueface recalled. “I was getting my d**k sucked. We had the mirror set up. Something was tooted up. She might have seen some bootyhole on the way in.”

“She walk in, d**k hard, Jason,” Blueface continued. “I’m like hold up, hold up. I can’t even protect myself. They violated me, Jason. Her mama was there…D**k hard as hell, Jason. Butt-naked, trying to break up a fight. They in here throwing cheeseburgers and s**t, telephones. I’m looking at her like, what’s going on?”

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Blueface Admits He Posted Photo of Son’s Hernia

Elsewhere in the interview, Blueface admits that he posted the viral photo of his son’s hernia on social media and explained his rational.

“It was taking way too long,” Blueface responded. “I told her, ‘Don’t come back to California until you go into the next appointment and it gets done. Time just kept going. She back in California. I didn’t post it ’till damn near a month.”

Blueface continued, “When I had that show, me and her [Jaidyn Alexis] performed, his surgery was the day of the performance. She’s [Chrisean Rock] like, ‘OK, I’ma tell them to take him, I’ma make it,’ Hell no, you better take that baby and do that. It’s an expensive baby. So that’s the reason she went by herself that time. I literally told her, ‘No, you have to do this.'”

Blueface also discussed celebrity hookups, with the Los Angeles rapper claiming he had a sexual interaction with Megan Thee Stallion years ago, backlash for questioning his son’s sexual orientation and more.

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See Blueface telling a wild story about Jaidyn Alexis walking in on him having sex with Chrisean Rock below.

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