BMW’s New M5 Touring Confirmed To Be Coming Stateside


Update: BMW has officially confirmed the arrival of the M5 Touring to the U.S. market. This announcement follows the revelation that the seventh generation BMW M5 sedan is progressing through its practical phase of development, undergoing extensive testing on public roads, BMW’s own proving grounds and racetracks worldwide. The M5 Touring, marking its first appearance in the U.S., continues BMW’s tradition of delivering vehicles that blend immense driving pleasure with practicality. Originating in 1992 with the second generation M5, the Touring variant has historically combined high-performance engines with ample space and comfort, designed for both enthusiasts and the daily driver.

Echoing the storied legacy of its predecessors, the upcoming M5 Touring will harness an M Hybrid drivetrain inspired by the BMW M Hybrid V8 GTP race car, encapsulating M’s typical performance characteristics with a modern electrified twist. This move is part of BMW M’s broader strategy towards electrification, ensuring that even its high-performance cars offer a blend of exhilarating driving dynamics and improved efficiency. With prototypes already navigating through diverse testing environments — BMW is planning to begin production of the 2025 BMW M5 Touring in the fourth quarter of 2024.

Original Story: BMW is reviving a legend with the introduction of the new M5 Touring, marking the model’s return to the touring segment for the first time since 2007. This latest edition promises to blend M-series performance with long-distance comfort and increased spaciousness.

While first purported to be a UK-exclusive release, new reports have indicated that the M5 Touring will be making its way to the U.S. — according to BMW’s head of design, Domagoj Dukec, the new model will arrive in both a sedan and wagon body styling.

However, When automotive publication Carscoops later reached out to him, he denied the statement flat out. Nevertheless, the rumor is now stronger than ever.

Currently undergoing rigorous worldwide endurance testing, the M5 Touring prototype, although camouflaged, unmistakably exhibits its high-performance DNA. BMW notes that this phase marks a critical step in the vehicle’s development, ensuring the new M5 Touring meets the high expectations associated with the BMW M badge. Test drives are being conducted across various terrains, including public roads and racetracks, to refine its capabilities.

At the heart of the M5 Touring is a partially electrified drive system, signifying BMW M’s commitment to electrification and innovation. This new powertrain, combined with a meticulously tuned chassis and advanced systems, is designed to offer unmatched driving dynamics and agility.

While we have a sneak peek of the vehicle’s design, specifics on engine output, price and availability are yet to be shared at the time of writing — however, more is expected to be unveiled soon via BMW’s official channels.

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