Bobby Shmurda Is In Retaliation Mode On Their Vengeful ‘Get ‘Em Back’

Since his release from prison early last year, Bobby Shmurda struggled to find his groove with music in the industry. For what it’s worth, that kind of thing is expected as he spent seven years behind bars. Prior to last month, Bobby had only released four records when many hoped they would’ve received a project from him by now. Seeing that a change was needed, Bobby demanded to be released from his longtime label, Epic Records, and when that wish was eventually granted, he sought to do things his way for the foreseeable future. He kicked off his journey as an independent artist with “They Don’t Know” and now he’s back with “Get ‘Em Back.”

Bobby’s new record is as energetic and high-spirited as he’s been in the public eye since his release from prison. In the video that accompanies the track, Bobby is all smiles as he turns up with a group of women on an outdoor basketball court. He also heads to the artic to keep things going in the video. The track itself is quite a vengeful one as it presents Bobby in retaliation mode. “N****s be waitin’ to tap in / I just be waitin’ to clap it,” he raps. “N****s be waitin’ and askin’ / I just be wavin’ the mag.’”

The new track arrives after Bobby voiced his support for New York’s Rap On Trial bill after it passed the Senate.

You can watch the video for “Get ‘Em Back” above.