Boslen Reminisces About His Ex On ‘Gone’

Lyrics can be tough to decipher these days, but there’s no better feeling than knowing exactly what your favorite artists truly wanted to express on their latest hit. From shady one-liners to catchy hooks, sometimes the lyrical content of a song can give fans real insight into the lives of today’s top musical talent. With his track, “Levels” Vancouver’s Boslen relays his unfiltered feelings about the music industry — and with his track “Gone,” he’s in deep thought about the lessons he’s learned from past relationships.

With help from Uproxx’s Cherise Johnson, Boslen dishes on the track’s opening line and admits that his ex of six years stepped out with his best friend. The incident, in addition to the peace and understanding he gained from the romantic low point is the inspiration for the track “Gone” from his latest album GONZO. The 23-year-old rapper tells Uproxx about facing the “monster in the closet,” working through codependency, and getting vulnerable after a failed relationship — themes present in the mellow rap-sung ballad. Aside from sharing intimate revelations, Boslen tells us that his latest EP’s lead single might just be his favorite song he’s made in his entire career.

Watch Boslen decipher “Gone” above.