Brockhampton Held Their Final Show As A Group With A Performance At Coachella

A little over a year ago, Brockhampton’s Kevin Abstract announced that the group’s final two albums would be released in 2021. Only one of those projects was released, that being Roadrunner: New Light, New Machine, and the rest of 2021 came and went without their final effort. Abstract explained the decision to end the group, saying, “Everybody just getting a lil older and got a lot to say outside of group projects.” During their set at the first weekend of Coachella last week, Brockhampton confirmed that their final album would arrive at some point this year and they even shared a trailer for it.

In addition to saying their final album would drop this year, Brockhampton also noted that their final performance together would be at Coachella’s second weekend which took place last night. According to Desert Sun, Brockhampton took to the Coachella stage wearing matching Adidas Originals varsity jackets with the band’s logo and a quote on the back that read, “all good things must come to an end.” Throughout the set, the band made sure to note several times that the performance would be their last one as a group with Abstract saying point-blankly at one point, “It’s the last show.”

Brockhampton’s set came to an end with a performance of “Boogie,” but not before a final message from Abstract. “This is the last song we’ll ever do as a band,” he said. “That’s kinda crazy.” After their set, Brockhampton shared a post on Instagram that thanked fans for their support. “The show is over,” they wrote. “Thanks for being a part of the ride. love all of you.”

You can view clips from their last set together in the videos above.