BTS’ J-Hope Looks To Create ‘More’ Chaos In His Wild New Video

Less than a week after announcing his debut album, J-Hope has shared the video for its lead single “More.” The visual finds the South Korean rapper performing in a garage, terrorizing an office building, having an x-ray done, and standing within freeze frames featuring spilled coffee and papers thrown in the air. The chaotic visual matches his aggressive diction throughout the near three-and-a-half-minute track.

“More” officially kicks off the 28-year-old’s road to his debut solo album, Jack In The Box, which will be available on July 15. The album’s announcement came on the heels of his group BTS declaring that each member would pursue their own solo ventures. The initial statement of a hiatus generated a lot of curiosity as to the future of the group, especially having released the 35-track anthology project Proof in early June. The group clarified that BTS is not over with.

J-Hope’s “More” and the imminent Jack In The Box release are just the first examples of what one of the seven members has in store for this new direction in their careers. It is an especially exciting time for J-Hope, who also has a headlining set at Lollapalooza. Have no fear, BTS isn’t going anywhere.

Check out J-Hope’s video for “More” above.