Cam Du

Cam’Ron ft. Lil’ Cease – Hustler
(From The Rough, Rough, Rough album promo CDr; 1999)

Sum shit I just found out: Cam’Ron had a Hard Knock Life-core song on the promo version of S.D.E. Flipping So You Wanna Be A Boxer from Bugsy Malone with Lil’ Cease bouncing the hook. Easily the best Hard Knock Life-core track which wasn’t produced by The 45 King.

Craig Mack and Big Scoob went to the 45 King for The Wooden Horse and Can Du respectively, and while neither of those tracks blew up, they were far better Hard Knock Life-core choonz than Jay-Z’s Anything or whatever Busta’s shitty song with The Ugly Duckling sample was called. The latter was such a quack it was the first flop single of Busta’s solo career.