Cardi B Gives Rihanna Some Parenting Advice While Asserting No Plans To Leave Music Behind

Rihanna looks like she could pop any day now — mazeltov! — and since Sunday was Mother’s Day, one of the music industry’s best-known moms gave the expecting Rihanna some parenting advice. Caught by TMZ leaving New York restaurant Carbone with Offset and Kulture, Cardi B offered some words of wisdom for her imminent peer in both motherhood and music.

Asked whether she had any advice for motherhood for Rihanna, she counseled, “It comes so naturally. It really comes naturally. So many people give you advice. Once [the baby is] in there, that mother instinct comes out.” Unfortunately, the mom and the mom-to-be haven’t gotten the chance to hang out lately, but perhaps a play date or two with Cardi’s youngest is possible once Rihanna and ASAP Rocky’s baby pops out.

Meanwhile, Cardi’s recent social media venting sessions about the drawbacks of fame prompted TMZ’s photographer to hope Cardi wouldn’t give up on music. However, it looks like the “Up” rapper has no plans to retire anytime soon. “I would never leave music,” she asserted. “No, I was talking about the internet. Girl, I would never leave music, that’s my bread and butter. Who gonna stop eating bread and butter?” That’s something she has in common with Rihanna as well.

You can watch the video on TMZ.

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