Cardi B Regrets Turning Down A Multi-Million Dollar Deal With ‘Call Of Duty’

One of the most entertaining Twitter presences is Cardi B, whether she’s getting other rappers suspended or shutting down stans who are spreading rumors. Today, she shared a mistake that she’s learned from.

“My stupid decisions from the past caused me to miss out on money now,” she wrote in a tweet. “I had a multi-million dollar Call of Duty deal on the table that I couldn’t take because of court. Guys think twice about those quick decisions! Lesson learned.”

Luckily, the “WAP” performer is by no means short on money. Earlier this month she even stopped by her old Bronx middle school, Morris Park’s IS 232, to give back to her beginning by donating $100,000, with the hopes of the pledge being used for developing arts education and after-school programs. She was joined by New York City schools chancellor David Banks, Community Capacity Development founder K. Bain, and principal Desiree Resto, as she also gave students an inspirational speech: “I’m hoping we can have amazing after-school activities. Maybe like tutoring or maybe something fun like a music program. Y’all like music, y’all like to dance?”

Cardi B is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.