Cardi B Says She And Madonna Talked Following Her ‘Disappointment’ Comments: ‘It Was Beautiful’

Cardi B and Madonna appear to have reconciled over the phone today (October 22) after Cardi expressed dissatisfaction with a message Madge shared on her Instagram Stories. Yesterday, Madonna reflected on her album, Erotica and its accompanying coffee table book Sex, which featured provocative sexual imagery.

“Now Cardi B can sing about her WAP, Kim Kardashian can grace the cover of any magazine with her naked ass, and Miley Cyrus can come in like a wrecking ball,” said Madonna in her Instagram story. “You’re welcome b*tches……. (clown emoji)”

Cardi caught wind of the comments and later said in a now-deleted tweet, “I literally payed this woman homage so many times cause I grew up listening to her …she can make her point without putting clown emojis and getting slick out the mouth,” wrote Cardi “..These icons really become disappointments once u make it in the industry that’s why I keep to myself.”

Jason Lee, host of radio show Hollywood Unlocked, later revealed that he had listened to Cardi and Madonna talk on the phone.

“On the phone with Madonna and Cardi,” said Lee in a tweet. “Listening to both women share their perspective on the communication going on has broadened their love for each other. Love this [signed a fly on the wall].”

Shortly after, Cardi confirmed that the aforementioned conversation did, in fact, take place.

“I talked to Madonna,” said Cardi in a tweet.”…It was beautiful….Have a great day and drive safely yallll.”

Madonna responded, reaffirming her love for the “WAP” rapper.

“I love you @iamcardib,” said Madonna “Always have and always will.”

Perhaps we can expect a collab in the future?

Cardi B and Madonna are Warner Music artists. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.