Cardi B Talks About Her Responsibility To Speak On Politics With David Letterman

If there’s only one word to describe Cardi B, “outspoken” might be it. Whether it is the unbridled confidence she brings to her music or her social media interactions, the Bronx artist is never afraid to say what is on her mind. Where some public figures use that characteristic to disrupt, the “Bodak Yellow” artist opts to contribute her thoughts to everything from the WWE to the political climate of the country and world. So, the Grammy winner sat down with David Letterman in the newly released fourth season of his Netflix series My Next Guest Needs No Introduction to discuss her responsibility to speak on political matters and keep it separate from her music.

“I don’t really put a lot of political things in my music, but I used the f*ck out of my platform,” she tells the talk show legend. “And I have used my platform even when I was a dancer. Because you might think that people are not looking, but they are.”

Cardi B has made it a point to meet with both Senator Bernie Sanders and President Joe Biden in the last few years, which Letterman admired due to how it can impact her fans.

“I mean, I’m a hood chick, and I’m from the Bronx. A lot of people relate to me and follow me because they want to see how I’m dressed, they want to see my lifestyle. I feel like I have a responsibility to also share to them like, ‘Hey, while you here and you’re checking my outfit and checking my music, check out what’s going on over here in this part of the world.’”

Letterman’s fourth season of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction also features Billie Eilish, Kevin Durant, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Ryan Reynolds, and Will Smith (whose appearance was filmed pre-slap).

Check out a clip of Cardi B’s episode above.

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