Channel Tres Drops ‘No Limit’ And Announces His Major Label Signing With RCA

In July, Compton house producer Channel Tres dropped the sizzling dance floor track “Just Can’t Get Enough” and promised that his new album, Real Cutlrual Sh*t, would be out this fall. We’re in September and the release date still hasn’t been announced, but now we know why: Channel Tres just announced that he inked a deal with RCA Records in partnership with his existing label, Godmode. So it looks like Godmode and RCA will be putting out Real Cultural Sh*t jointly this year and while we await a release date, Channel Tres has blessed us with another heater in “No Limit.”

Propped up on a funky bass line, harmonic disco organ and infectious beat, Tres sings, “There’s no limit where this can go, there’s no limit where this can go.” Close your eyes for a second and imagine hearing that hook at a club and tell me you don’t think this is the type of song that’s going to draw people together?

Tres spoke about the meaning of “No Limit,” saying that it, “…was made about my time in New Orleans and about my memories of backyard BBQs my family used to have in Compton. It also speaks of breaking past limitations in life and with a love interest.” This one’s got the juice now.

Listen to “No Limit” above.

Real Cultural Sh*t is due out this fall via Godmode/RCA Records.