Chief Keef’s July 4th Driveway Fireworks Display Went Terribly Wrong

The fourth of July is supposed to be a patriotic holiday celebrating the signing of the Declaration of Independence before the founding fathers sent it off to King George (their timing was terrible; the first fighting of the American Revolution started days before it reached its destination). But for many Americans — let’s just say “most” of us — it’s really a day off work in which we get to eat unconscionable amounts of barbecue, get exceedingly day drunk, and/or blow some stuff up. Namely: fireworks. Lots and lots of fireworks.

And despite the fact that fireworks are illegal in many municipalities for obvious reasons, that hasn’t stopped people from “celebrating” July 4th with impromptu displays in driveways, backyards, parking lots, and/or in the middle of the street. It certainly didn’t stop Chief Keef, who set off an impressive display in his own driveway on Monday, surrounded by his friends and fleet of muscle cars. Unfortunately, there was just one problem: Chief Keef is by no means a pyrotechnics expert and things almost immediately went wrong, spraying fireworks all over the driveway and sending people ducking for cover behind the cars.

Look: it’s not completely funny. After all, 11,500 Americans were hospitalized with fireworks-related injuries in 2021 alone and that was a drop from the year before. There’s a reason private fireworks are illegal. But on the other hand, if you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes, and there is little as amusing as watching instant karma, provided nobody actually gets hurt. Maybe Keef and co. have learned their lesson and will invest in a specialist next year. Still, we’d rather see our favorite rappers playing with fireworks than with guns, so viva la revolution until next year.

Watch the video above.