Chloe Clowned A Twitter User Who Dissed Her ‘Sex Appeal’: ‘Like You Would Have A Chance’

Chlöe introduced herself as a solo artist with “Have Mercy” in September 2021, but she’s merciless on Twitter. She tweeted a cheeky photo of herself alongside “you can have this for the night or for your life,” lyrics from hers and Latto’s October single “For The Night.” One user decided to try and insult her by tweeting, “You got the sex appeal of a PlayStation 2,” whatever that means, and Chlöe sat him right back down.

“Like you would have a chance,” the actress and musical powerhouse fired back, complete with an laugh-cry emoji.

As Uproxx’s August cover star, Chlöe explained how difficult it can be to lead a public life at such a young age and undeservingly become a target for increased scrutiny. “It’s a weird place to be in because as a human being it does hurt sometimes hearing certain things,” she said. “But at the same time, this is my job. So, it’s really up to me to create those boundaries in my mental state and be like, ‘Okay, this is what’s important to me,’ prioritizing that, and tuning out the rest of the noise.”

In the same vein, Chlöe recently told Variety that she wants to portray Storm in an X-Men adaptation because “she doesn’t take any sh*t.” It would appear she’s already in character.