Chlöe Said She Is ‘Mentally So Much Clearer’ After Removing Social Media From Her Phone

Chlöe is still hot off the release of her solo debut album, In Pieces. On the album, she balances confident bops with harrowing accounts of heartbreak and insecurity. Chlöe is no stranger to the spotlight, so sharing these emotions wasn’t difficult for her.

But she’s chosen to make everyday life easier for herself in little ways. In an interview on The Tamron Hall Show, she revealed that she has opted not to have access to her own social media accounts.

“For a minute, I removed all socials off my phone and I just turned it over to my team,” she said. “Of course I’d make the content, I’d come up with the captions and I would just send it to them, but I got rid of my social media because I realized the things people were saying.”

She continued, saying, “The negative things people were saying about me were affecting me, and I noticed if I’d go out on stage or ‘if I do this people are gonna say this,’ and I realized that I was changing myself for other people and their opinions and what they were accusing me of originally, which was not being myself and being forced, that’s what I was tuning into because I was so occupied with what people thought about me, but the second I deleted the apps off my phone, I was mentally so much clearer because you’re doing what makes you happy.”

As a result, she admitted that she had not seen much of the backlash in relation to her controversial sex scene on Swarm.

You can watch a clip from the interview above.