Chlöe Shared When She Will Release ‘For The Night’ Which She Said Is About A Certain Atlanta Rapper

Chlöe’s new single “For The Night” is coming on October 28 after months of teasing. The singer first previewed the single in May alongside two others, asking fans for their help in deciding which one would follow up “Surprise” as her fourth solo single. Ultimately, though, it was her mentor Beyoncé who helped her decide on “Surprise” because as she said, “When the Queen speaks, the Queen speaks, and that’s all I’m gonna say and that’s all that matters to me.”

But, of course, with fans already choosing their favorites between “Surprise,” “For The Night,” and “Cheat Back,” it was only a matter of time until Chöe followed up. Now, we know the release date, but some fans who’ve heard the snippets of the sultry song are wondering who it’s about — especially after she dropped a snippet of the music video on Twitter. In it, she Facetimes a potential paramour, telling him she’s “ready to make this a thing,” only for him to dodge the proposition (in a comedic twist, the man on the other end of the call turns out to be Instagram funny guy Druski).

However, during a Twitter Spaces talk she admitted that the track is actually about incarcerated Atlanta rapper, Gunna, with whom she was romantically linked earlier this year (they also collaborated on his song “You & Me“). “I wrote that song after The Breakfast Club interview… I said it!” Unfortunately, she also told fans she’s single, meaning that her Gunna relationship was likely a fling even before Gunna was arrested on racketeering charges. Don’t get it twisted, though; Chlöe “supports in real life,” so anyone wondering why she hasn’t posted any “free Gunna” messages can “kiss my ass.”