Chrisean Rock Gives Birth to Baby Boy, Blueface Not Present

Congratulations are in order for Chrisean Rock and Blueface. Chrisean gave birth to their baby boy despite the Los Angeles rapper not present in the delivery room.

Chrisean Rock Is a New Mom

On Sunday (Sept. 3), Chrisean Rock shared a video of herself in the delivery room giving birth to her baby boy on Instagram Live. The reality TV star was surrounded by family, nurses and the midwife as she gallantly pushed until her baby arrived.

Laster, Chrisean shared the baby’s name on her Instagram Story: Chrisean Malone, which is coincidentally Chrisean’s real name.

Chrisean Rock revealed her baby boy’s name on her Instagram Story.



Blueface was not in the delivery room. According to reports, the Los Angeles rapper was partying in Miami with his other baby mother Jaiydn [Alexis].

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Chrisean Rock Was on Instagram Live Before Giving Birth

On Saturday (Sept. 2), Chrisean Rock hopped on her Instagram Live on to announce that she is currently in labor with Blueface’s baby. Videos shared by gossip site The Neighborhood Talk captured the reality TV star in the hospital, being taken care of by a nurse and a midwife.

In one of the videos, Chrisean tells the nurse she’s worried about pooping during labor. The nurse assures her that pooping is normal and they will clean it up. She also seems surprised that the nurse is touching her vagina, but the midwife calmly tells her that she is doing her job. “You know how cardiologists they do hearts, well we’re laborers and deliverers we do vaginas,” the nurse explains, as Chrisean lets out a big laugh.

You can watch both videos at the bottom of this post.

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Watch the arrival of Chrisean Rock’s baby boy below.

Watch Chrisean Rock Give Birth to Her Baby Boy Below

Watch Chrisean Rock on Instagram Live in Labor With Blueface’s Baby Below

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