Coi Leray Appears to Diss Latto on Snippet Following Their Beef

Coi Leray appears to have dissed Latto on a snippet track that she was previewing for fans on social media.

Coi Leray Seems to be Dissing Latto on New Snippet Track

On Friday (July 28), Coi Leray hopped on her TikTok and Instagram accounts to share some new music she is working on. In all of the clips, it appears the 2021 XXL Freshman is dissing Latto. In one of the videos, she raps, “Yeah, I’m on the edge/Hop up on that couch and roll lil Latto out the bag/I don’t need a stylist they can’t f**k with Coi Leray.”

In another TikTok video, Coi is seen dancing in her skimpy negligee before changing into her street clothes, which consist of a lightweight jersey, blue denim shorts and big clunky sneakers.

The New Jersey-bred artist has posted several more videos of herself rapping lyrics to this new song. You can watch them below.

Meanwhile, Coi Leray‘s fans on social media interpreted her lyrics as a diss to Latto, who had previously mentioned Coi in her song “Put It on Da Floor.” On the song, Latto raps, “Smokin’ on that gas, blunt big as Coi Leray/B***es like to run their mouths but I’m the type to run the fade.”

Coi took Latto’s lyrics as body-shaming and responded to her on Twitter back in April. “Latto bye. Here you go taking [sic] about my body,” she tweeted. “Please do not come on here and talk about nobody BODY. Lol like seriously. Out of all things. Lmaooo ya blunt my size? Lmaoooo this s**t is never ending.”

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Fans Are Reacting to Coi Leray’s Perceived Diss to Latto

Coi Leray‘s TikTok videos have drawn mixed reactions from fans. Some people don’t want Coi to rekindle her beef with Latto while others feel there was no beef to begin with.

“[Coi] leray needs to just stick to her usual s**t bc dissing latto is crazy [three tears of joy emoji] the lyrics was ass,” tweeted one person.

Another fan questioned: “Why y’all saying this a beef?’Blunt big as coi Leray’ ‘roll latto out the bag’ doesn’t sound like fighting words to me.. y’all love to stir the pot.”

A third user commented, “Idc what y’all say. Give me Coi Leray over latto every time[.]”

One fan wants Coi and Latto to settle their differences.

“I need Latto and Coi leray to stop beefing [two loudly crying emojis], I can’t have my BBL Queen and my Petite Princess fighting like this anymore [crying face and broken heart emojis],” he wrote.

For the record, Latto has maintained that she doesn’t have any issues with Coi Leray. Back in April, before closing her set at the 2023 Coachella Music & Arts Festival in Indio, Calif., the Atlanta rhymer addressed being called out by Coi for body-shaming her on “Put It on da Floor.”

“Aye, Coi. By the way, I love your body, baby,” Latto told the crowd.

Coi responded to her kind words on Twitter.

“It was the diss record with my name on it that confused me,” Coi replied on Twitter. “Much love to Latto! Appreciate the compliment.”

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Watch Coi Leray Rap Her New Song Where She May Be Dissing Latto in Her Lyrics Below

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