Coi Leray Owns Her Sexuality On Her Nostalgic-Sounding New Single, ‘My Body’

After dropping a new single, “Bops,” earlier today, Coi Leray has another hit on her hands. On her new single, “My Body,” Leray takes ownership of her sexuality, paying no mind to what any sex shamers have to say.

The song features a rather x-rated interpolation of “It’s My Party” by Lesley Gore, as Leray lays down the law for trifling men.

“It’s my body, I could f*ck who I want to / F*ck who I want to, f*ck who I want to / It’s nothin’ new, you just mad it ain’t you,” she rap-sings on the song’s chorus.

Several of Leray’s singles have become viral hits, including “Twinnem” and “Players.” This has been fuel to Leray’s fire, as she is currently hard at work on her second album. In an interview with Apple Music 1’s Eddie Francis, she detailed the album, and said it’s going to be “one of the biggest projects ever.”

“I’m so excited about this second album because it’s really mostly myself,” said Leray. “I told myself, like I have a couple features, which I’m going to keep it discreet because it’s only literally a little bit, not even a handful, but I’ve been working on this project constantly, constantly. I stay in the studio. As you can see, I’m in my home. It’s my home studio here. I’m constantly in the studio 24/7. I’m amazing when it comes to that mic.”

You can listen to “Body” above.