Crosstown Traffic (no Medina Green & Mos Def)

Max B – Why You Do That (instrumental)
(From Why You Do That single; 2007)

Sum shit I just found out via this video: the duo known as Arkatech Beatz made the Why You Do That beat for Jim Jones and arranged a meeting with him at ByrdGang’s studio, but then got caught up in heavy traffic and by the time they arrived at the studio Jones had left. Max B was still there writing and recording and told the Arkatech lads that he’d pass their beat CD on to Jones so they left it with him. Max listened to the CD, heard the Why You Do That beat, loved it, decided to keep it for himself, and the rest is history innit. Now, I’m a big fan of 2005 to 2009 ByrdGang era Jim Jones, but praise the Lord for New York’s heavy traffic that fateful day. A stroke of serendipity which was both fortunate and glorious.

Max B – Why You Do That
(From Why You Do That single; 2007)

A quick browse through the Arkatech Beatz production discography reveals that Why You Do That is easily the best beat in their entire catalogue. Tho they were also behind the title track of Big Pun’s first album so fair play to the lads.