CTM 2020 in videos: Robert Henke, Teto Preto, Kamaal Williams and more

Highlights from the 21st edition of Berlin’s CTM Festival.

The theme for this year’s CTM Festival was ‘Liminal’, a reference to the era-defining shifts in politics, culture and the climate currently underway across the world. “We find ourselves in ambiguous spaces, somewhere between a past that is no longer valid and an ever-becoming future,” the festival said in a statement last year, cautiously optimistic at what may emerge from this period of global realignment.

In keeping with the theme, CTM 2020 was a global celebration of thrilling music, art and choreography from across the planet that points towards the possibility of a more utopian future. FACT was there to capture some of the festival’s many highlights, including Robert Henke’s AV show made with five primitive home computers from 1980, Uganda’s Nakibembe Xylophone Quartet, São Paulo’s politically-charged Teto Preto and more.

CTM 2020 opening concert: Frontera feat. Animals of Distinction, Fly Pan Am and UVA

Robert Henke: CBM 8032 A/V

Teto Preto

Louis-Philippe Demers & Bill Vorn: Inferno

Kamaal Williams

Nakibembe Xylophone Troupe

Jasmine Guffond & ilan katin

Filmed by: Pedro Küster

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